400G QSFP-DD to 8*50G SFP56 DAC

400G QSFP DD passive cable assembly products, based on the 8X50G structure (PAM4 signal), adopt an optimized design to reduce crosstalk and insertion loss, have excellent signal integrity, and fully comply with the next generation of 400G Ethernet and InfiniBand EDR standards. SFP56 is based on the same shape as SFP+, supports 50G PAM4 Ethernet standard, can provide 50Gb/s error-free transmission, and can be used in high-density 50G Ethernet switches and network interfaces to promote server connections in data centers. It uses today's popular SFP+ packaging form to upgrade 50G Ethernet connections for enterprises, providing a more cost-effective solution. 400G QSFP DD To 8x50G SFP56 supports the interconnection of two interface devices, with a single-channel transmission rate of 50Gbps (PAM4).

  • Comply with SFF-8636, SFF-8402
  • Complies with Ethernet IEEE802.3bj/IEEE 802.3cd
  • Compliant with QSFP DD MSA
  • Support serial ID function through EEPROM
  • Support hot swap, low crosstalk, low power consumption
  • Support the maximum distance of 3 meters
  • Operating temperature range: 0◦C to 70◦C
  • RoHS compliant

Mechanical Dimensions:


  • 200g/400g Ethernet
  • Infiniband EDR, HDR
  • Switches, routers, hubs, datacenter
产品型号 产品描述
TL-400G-8*50G-DAC-xxxM4 400G QSFP-DD转50G SFP56 DAC高速线缆,传输xxxM



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