400G QSFP-DD SR8 光模块

The 400G QSFP56 DD SR8 is a Eight-Channel, Pluggable, Parallel, Double Density for 2x200 Gigabit Ethernet Applications. This transceiver is a high performance module for short-range multi-lane data communication and interconnection applications. transmission distance up to 70m by OM3 fiber or 100m by OM4 fiber with FEC. The optical interface uses a MPO16/MTP16 APC connector .

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  • 8 channels full-duplex transceiver modules
  • Transmission data rate up to 53Gbps per channel
  • 8x53Gbps PAM4 transmitter and PAM4 receiver
  • 8 channels 850nm VCSEL array
  • 8 channels PIN photo detector array
  • Hot Pluggable QSFP DD form factor and Compliant with CMIS
  • Link length up to 70m on OM3 Multimode Fiber (MMF) and 100m on OM4 MMF with FEC
  • MPO16 APC connector receptacle
  • Operating case temperature 0°C to +70°C
  • 3V power supply voltage
  • IEEE 802.3cd 400GBASE-SR8


Distance Data Rate Fiber Interface Temp.
TL-QSFP56-DD-400G-SR8 100m 400G MMF MPO/MTP/APC-16

0 ~ 70°C